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What's New for month of January 2014

It's time to catch up on My What's New Activities since Dec 2013.  part 1

Got some research requests 

  • Hi Alex,

    Mrs. Evelyn Goulet has referred me to you, regarding some frustrating missing links of our family tree.

    Do you know where the original records of St. John's Presbyterian Church, Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario are kept please?

    We have had tremendous success in tracking down the original settlers of my family, however these are the ones that have eluded us so far:

    John Kirk 1810 born in Scotland.
    He was the only child of Alexander Kirk 1785-1864 and Jean/Jane Telfer 1790-1870 that we cannot trace.
    All of their other six children have all been accounted for.

    Alexander also had two brothers in Scotland that we also cannot account for, and we have really searched the Scottish records, just as we have with this missing John.
    The two brothers were James 1793- and William 1795-.
    So it is now occurring to me that they might have well set sail with Alexander.

    If you could possible throw some light on the above, I would be more than grateful.

    David (Kirk).

    Julia McRae <julia@vertexmonkey.com> wrote:

    Hi there – on the off chance that you would be willing to help someone looking for info on their ancestors I am sending this email.

    I am looking for a John and Isabella McRae of Glengarry, both born in Scotland.  He in 1784 and she around 1797.  Any information at all would be helpful.

    Would you be able to help me?

    Thank you,
    Julia McRae, Calgary, Alberta

    Wow – thank you for responding.  I sent that thinking that there was a very slim chance I would hear back from anyone, so thank you very much!

    Unfortunately, I don’t know many of the answers to the questions you have asked except …

    -          John and Isabella McRae lived in Lochiel, Glengarry, Sub District 81 in 1851
    -          Their church is listed as Free Church, but in the census 10 years later it is listed as Church of Scotland, and ten years after that (1871) listed as Protestant
    -          In 1871 census John is listed as living in Lochiel, in Sub District D, Division 1

    - one of their sons was John Archibald McRae, born May 7 1827 in Lochiel, Glengarry, later moved to Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan and I believe he died there in 1909.
    - he married an Isabel Elizabeth Johnstone on March 29, 1852 in Osnabruck, Ontario.

    If I find out anything more, I will let you know.  Really appreciate your response!

    Julia McRae

     Catherine Brisebois <cbrisebois2 @ yahoo.ca>

    Good Morning,

    I have recently begun trying to organize and put together information concerning my family roots.  Your name was suggested to me as a possible source of information, or you might be able to refer me to someone who has information that could help.  

    I am presently working with notes that my grandmother recorded of what she could remember of family history.  As she recorded her information when she was up in years, I am sure there are inaccuracies.  However, this is where I am starting.

    Her notes indicate that her great-grandparents, Andrew Fraser (1819 - 1871) and Flora McRae (1816 - 1894), are buried in Kirkhill Cemetery, near Alexandria.  She also noted Flora's parents as John McRae (1784 - 1868) and Janet Cameron (1795 - 1892).

    Any information that you could confirm or expand upon would be greatly appreciated.

    Cathy Brisebois

    A Request for early Maps
    I am trying to locate a map of the original Cornwall Township (ca. 1787) that shows the names of the land owners, and then later maps with land owners names in the period 1810, 1820, 1830, if they exist. I would appreciate your telling me if they exist and where I can get the maps.

    Thank you

    Don Connolly  mldon.connolly  @  gmail.com

    Whats New for Jan 2014 coming shortly