Sunday, 30 March 2014

What's New

What's New for month of March 2014

Been on the busy side these past few months and missed getting this What's New blog updated

  1. completing the Gravestones of Glengarry Series-- 14 volumes
  2. Dealing with an order from the SDG County Library System, Cornwall, Ontario for 2 sets of Gravestones of Glengarry Volume 4 to 14
  3. Dealing with an order from the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland for Gravestones of Glengarry  Vol.9 to 14. Last summer they purchased  up to Vol.8
  4. Rhoda has been put time in at sorting out the Quinn - Poidevin Family in connection is the Quinns which is ending up in a 2 volume result, probably close to 600 pages or more
  5. While I have been sorting out files and updating my MacDonald of Loup, Lundie, Fraser connections which is now over 27,000 entries and Family notes of over 2 gigs of documentations, BMD, charts, letters etc.
  6. Recently got order for Version 4 of my MacDonalds of Loup, Lundie, Fraser connections from Manitoba,
  7. Dealing with an order for Angus John Donald Cameron work
  8. updates to some of my web pages and more has to be done on this
  9. Had a couple of McGillivray queries as well.
  10. Had a recent query about Lieut John Cameron of Clunes UEL who is buried in the Cameron Cemetery Cornwall 4C N6 as to whether he had a middle name "O'Kain". This was new to me. He was married to Nancy McIntosh in 1806 at St Andrew's Williamstown, Ontario
  11. Earlier this month had a query on McLennan/pringle as follow
  1. Hi 
  2.    Here is a list of the family tree from Annie Marian McCallum she married Charles James McLennan 1880.
  3. Mothers paternal grandfather's nationality unknown possibly USA. Settled in Ottawa. His children were Annie (Davis), Charlotte (Brooks), Almira (Burchard), Electa (Storms), Ard and Smedley. This is probably around 1744.
    Pheobe Benedict from Connecticut married Joseph Pringle and their children were Hannah, Sam, Cy, Anson, James, Polly and Hiram.
    Hannah Pringle married Ard Benedict their children were William, Elias, Mary, Susan, Pheobe, Charles, Amanda, Samuel, Almira Jane, Miles and Albert.
    Almira Jane was born in Adolphustown Ontario March 14th 1835. She married Duncan James McCallum Feb. 2nd 1855.
    This information comes from the family Bible given to Charles and Annie on the their wedding date. There is a hand written paper in the Bible that was written by Annies family members the information has to have come from parents or grandparents because the accuracy of the family background names.
    Chris I am also sending this to Alex Fraser a church historian that can give us further information as there is a connection for John K McLennan as a church Elder. John is the only  one who put the a in MaC his father Kenneth was McLennan. Chris look at Joseph Pringle this family takes you back to 119
    Regards Tom McLennan  maritomcl @
This is a brief update more to come later

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Gravestones of Glengarry Series completed

Gravestones of Glengarry Series completed  
in 14 volumes 1976 - 2014

The series listing at least 50 Glengarry County Cemeteries is now completed. One exception Vol.15 the Master index of Vol 1-14 will come later.

There is still more work to be done, nevertheless this is the result of the efforts of Rhoda P Ross & Alex W Fraser in preserving this aspect of Glengarry County history

These 14 volumes represent a total of 8,343 markers with a combined name index  of 39,081 entries and 3,861 pages total.

Volume 15  Master Name index of around 40,000 entries in the name index. This will consist of tentatively 1,000 or more pages when printed out. coming later.

Volume  14,  Lonely stones 2014   lists  24 cemeteries, listing approximately 697 markers with 1,735 entries in the name index with a total of 219 pages

Volume  11,    Kenyon Township 2013  consists of 3 parts. Part 1  Vol. 11 Maxville - St Elmo;  Part 11 Vol. 12 Dunvegan; Part 111 Vol. 13 St Catherine - St James  These 3 volumes list over 1605 gravestones plus index of additional files representing about  11,631 name entries in the combined Name index, plus an additional 893 name entries for the Clark Barrett work of ca 1980. These 3 volumes have a total of 1043 pages

Volume  10,  Martintown - Apple Hill  2013   is the 10th volume in this series  listing   6 cemeteries, 923 gravestones representing  3,119 entries in the combined Name index
320 pages total

Volume  9,  Salem Precious Blood  2013   is the 9th volume in this series  listing   2 cemeteries, 461 gravestones representing  1,384 entries in the combined Name index
165 pages total

Volume  8,  Dalhousie - Glen Nevis  2011   is the 8th volume in this series  listing   4 cemeteries, 495 gravestones representing  1,565 entries in the combined Name index 
225 page total

Volume  7,  Lochiel - Glen Robertson  2011   is the 7th volume in this series  listing   4 cemeteries, 544 gravestones representing about  1,783 entries in the combined Name index.
200 pages total

Volume  6,  Breadalbane  2011   is the 6th volume in this series  listing   5 cemeteries, 346 gravestones representing about  2597 entries in the combined Name index which includes the Peter Stewart Diary & Marriages. 250 pages total

Volume  5,  Kirk Hill  2010   is the 5th volume in this series  listing the 3 cemeteries in Kirk Hill, Ontario, 739 gravestones representing about  2,812 entries in the combined Name index list. 290 pages total

Volume  4,  Alexandria   2008   is the 4th volume in this series  listing the 4 cemeteries in Alexandria, Ontario, 1230 gravestones representing about 4,900 entries  in the combined name index. 350 pages

Volume 3, Green valley - St. Raphaels  is the 3rd in the series volume and 10 years late [1988 ]  in getting published, due to my trying to earn a living so I could pay my bills and carry on this project in the hope of helping you solve your  family history. Lists 3 cemeteries 482 markers with a combined Name index of 1,510 entries. 155 pages; Update to Family Linkages 210 pages

Volume 2, South Lancaster to Bainsville, was published in 1978.  copies of this volume are still available and like volume one  sales have come from all directions and likewise on a slow basis. Volume 2 lists about 854 markers representing about 3,325 names, from  5 cemeteries.  311 pages

Volume 1, Williamstown, was published in september 1976. The response has been favourable, yet slow. this volume is now out of print. Orders for this volume have come from all corners of North America and beyond. It did take 10 years for the 500 copies printed to get sold. Volume 1 lists about 834 markers representing about 2,728 names, from 4 cemeteries.  278 pages

The above 14 volumes represent a total of 8,343 markers with a combined name index  of 39,081 entries and 3,861 pages total.

To all those interested individuals who bothered to  support this Gravestones of Glengarry Series by purchasing a copy, our Sincere Thanks and appreciation.

Enjoy the results.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser - Rhoda Ross
Courtenay, BC
jars924  @