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Sutherland McKay’s Bible information

We are wondering if this rings  bell with  any viewer. 

Do you know of a Sutherland McKay circa the mid 1870's

We came across this page in a a bible years ago. We have not found any reference to the names shown of Sutherland McKay and his wife Elizabeth Mary

The words on this page are 
To Sutherland McKay from his affectionate wife Elizabeth Mary May 3rd 1874

Sutherland McKay’s Bible information

Hugh McKay born Sept. 10th 1863 at half past 3 afternoon.
Donald McKay born August 19th 1865, half past one, Morning.
John Maclean McKay born Nov. 23rd 1868, quarter to eleven night
Ellen McKay the adopted daughter of Sutherland and Elizabeth McKay born April 15th 1861

Elizabeth Mary McLean mother to the above born April 15th 1838

Sutherland McKay and Elizabeth Mary McLean married March 4th 1861


Unknown - Bible entry
Holy Bonds of Matrimony
Name of bride and groom not entered
At Alexander Topp house on the fourth day of March in the Year of our Lord 1861…….. in presence of 
Margaret Brown
Andrew Herrenton

signed Alexander Topp, minister of Knox Church, Toronto 

See marriage below which is the one referred to above. 

Page 117, return 101: by Rev Alexander Topp, Knox Presbyterian Church

Sutherland McKAY, 34, Forres Sutherlandshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Hugh McKAY & Mary McDONALD, married Elizabeth McLEAN, 23, London England, Toronto, d/o Hugh McLEAN & Elizabeth BROAD, witn: Andrew HETHERINGTON & Margaret BROWN, both of Toronto, 04 Mar 1861.


Any leads would be  welcomed

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

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