Saturday, 24 September 2016

The How & Why of Our Genealogy & Publishing Journey.

Sep 2016  update  The How & Why of Our Genealogy & Publishing Journey.

Due to a recent unfortunate incident in August, I thought it would be wise to clarify a couple of aspects of the How & Why of this journey we are on in Glengarry County Genealogy & Publishing.

1st - I have never claimed to be a Professional Genealogist. If a viewer of our work assumed that, that was their choice & mistake. This question probably has come up the odd time in the last 30 to 40 years, but not with the persistence of the present situation.

2nd - I have never claimed to be  part of any Certified Professional Genealogical Association. If a viewer of our work assumed that, that was their choice & mistake.

3rd -  My experience these 45 years came as a result of the Grace of God, openness, collecting and sorting family information, instinct, intuition, gut feeling, and a subtle knowingness as to who belonged to what families from collecting, reviewing obituaries, Gravestone inscriptions, church records, land records, etc.  

4th - You never know where genealogy research is going to take you. With pre-conceived expectations the viewer can be in for a shock with what results can show up.

5th - Yes, I do research for people from time to time. I am under no obligation to accept research requests from anyone. Likewise, if I do, I am also at liberty to return any research deposit if I deem that necessary. In the above incident, I deemed it necessary to return the research deposit.  When I do research, then that person is paying for my time, not buying or purchasing the resulted documentation. Depending on the information I am presented with as a starting point, then depending on what results come about, the person who made the request will usually get some documents sent to them.    I do not manufacture the results. The results come from the research done.

6th - Any research results I end up with — They are as they are —- I stand behind those results,  until new factual documentation comes about to change things. I do not claim the results are right or wrong, good or bad. I leave that to the viewer to decide. The results are as they are. The viewer makes a choice as to whether they agree, accept or believe the results presented from their perspective to determine its validity.

7th — The WHY of this journey is, was to preserve the history, family history in particular of the Glengarry County Ontario and area and make it available to those so interested. Linking families as best we could & were possible documenting same. Much has been done, more still has to be done. In the results that now exist, we have done the best we could within the circumstances that had to be dealt with and still have to be dealt with. 

8th -  Here are some examples of how easy it is when dealing with Macs, especially MacDonalds, MacDonells, to have the right names and the wrong people at the same time. This in most cases is unavoidable and happens to most if not all of us, myself included,  who do genealogy research at one time or another.  Mistakes, Red Flags, Discrepancies in Genealogy research. Solving this requires putting more detailed meat on the bones of the names concerned with dates, BMD etc.

These examples are based on the information I was aware of at the time, date of completion of article, even if new information came along after completion of any specific outline made.

Ex 1—   The Alexander MacDonell Dilemma. 

Ex 2 —  The John MacDonald Dilemma  [Mistakes in Genealogy] 

Ex 3 — Angus MacDonald & Janet MacDonald, right names, wrong people 

Ex 4 —  The Alexander McNaughton Dilemma  

To those who made the choice to support us over these past 45 years for books or research our sincere thanks. We hope the results were beneficial more that confusing.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser

Courtenay, BC